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Getting Motivated About Credit Repair

Posted on January 7, 2011

It’s often hard to get started with credit repair, not because you don’t want to have better credit but because you’re not motivated to do the work involved with repairing your credit. Motivation is often psychological, so if you can convince yourself that credit repair is a worthwhile goal, you’re more like to start working in that direction.

Realize that Credit Repair is Beneficial

You can live with bad credit, but you can live better with good credit. When you think about credit repair, think about all the benefits you’ll get from improving your credit score. You won’t have to be nervous about putting in new credit card and loan applications. You’ll have the good credit that’s needed to establish utilities in your name without paying a deposit. You can pay lower your car insurance rate since bad credit is linked to higher insurance rates.

Your credit history has a direct impact on the money you pay for many goods and services. So, cleaning up your credit will relieve some of the tension in your budget.

Good Credit is Attainable

Don’t tell yourself that you can’t repair your credit or that your credit situation is hopeless. That kind of negative thinking kills any motivation you’ve already built. Instead, be hopeful about your credit repair efforts and tell yourself that you can do it. You can improve your credit if you work on it.

There are several things you can do to improve your credit and if one of them doesn’t work, you can try another one. There is always something you can do to improve your credit.

Set a Reasonable Goal

Don’t make your expectations of credit repair too high. When you set a goal that’s impossible to reach and then you don’t reach it, you’ll begin to think you can’t repair your credit. In that case, it wasn’t the credit repair that was the problem – it was your expectations of credit repair.

You may hear advertisements that promise credit repair in just 30 days or read credit repair success stories that talk about a 200-point increase overnight, but these are just hype. Realistically, it can take several months to repair your credit and that’s normal. Just be patient.

Know What’s In Your Control and What’s Not

There are some steps in the credit repair process that require your creditors to give in. For example, when you make a pay for delete, the credit card company may reject your offer. That means, that particular account will have to stay on your credit report. No worries, the account will hurt your credit score less as time goes on and after seven years it will disappear all together. You can request, but you can’t make the credit card companies delete accurate information from your credit report.

You can, however, add positive information to your credit report in the form of timely credit card payments and low credit card balances. Being on your best credit behavior is in your control.

Think and speak positively about your credit repair efforts. Avoid hopeless thoughts and statements that can de-motivate you can keep you from meeting your credit repair goals.

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