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The 50 Best Financial Advice Blogs

Posted on August 3, 2010

Since I’m a relatively new blogger, I’d like to take the time to honor the sites that I’ve drawn on for inspiration over the past months while writing about credit repair. These blogs all incorporate very unique voices to offer clever and passionate musings concerning personal finance, and life in general. Scattered throughout this list are the top sites for general personal finance advice, as well as a sample of those devoted to specific money management topics and targeting particular demographics. I don’t know how much the number order matters…the last blog on the list is certainly as helpful as number 1!

The 50 Best Financial Advice Blogs:

  1. Bill Shrink – A personal finance blog with cleverly organized tips on saving and investing, including helpful advice on how to better manage your day-to-day finances.
  2. The Simple Dollar – Financial advice from a personal perspective aimed at offering simplified money management tips.
  3. Bad Money Advice – Ironically good investing and personal finance advice from a former hedge fund manager, with topics ranging from quite simple to the very complex.
  4. Gen X Finance – An “everything under the sun” money advice blog for the post-baby-boomer generation, specializing in helpful saving and investing tips.
  5. Finally Frugal – A guide to the advantages of living below your means.
  6. The Digerati Life – Saving, budgeting, and investing advice from an expert in the tech field.
  7. Money Smart Life –Personal finance advice focusing on credit, housing, and saving.
  8. Wise Bread – A community of bloggers with the sole focus of providing diverse resources to ensure financial stability.
  9. Moolanomy – A helpful blog focused on day-to-day money management, budgeting, and investing.
  10. My Wealth Builder – The self-proclaimed “Super Saver” offers a guide to retirement planning and future financial security.
  11. Don’t Mess With Taxes – Essentially everything you’ve always wanted to know about taxes but were too afraid to ask.
  12. The Penny – A smart personal finance blog for young people with helpful introductory surveys and pointed analysis.
  13. Top Finance Blog – A great resource for understanding personal finance within the larger picture, from trading advice to political analysis and commentary.
  14. Sweating The Big Stuff – An informative blog focused on saving in the larger arenas of personal finances, with a vested interest in building the quality of life.
  15. Moomin Valley – Money management tips and international trading analysis from a professional economist and active investor.
  16. Personal Finance Advice – A healthy mix of personal stories and general economic analysis aimed at helping readers understand the intricacies of financial management.
  17. Accumulating Money – A blog subscribing to the philosophy that in order to make money, you have to understand how it works.
  18. Money Carnival – Compiles and showcases 10 of the best money-related guest posts each week from all corners of the internet.
  19. 20-Something – Personal finance tips for young people on how to spend wisely, invest, and climb out of debt.
  20. My Open Wallet – An anonymous, brutally honest New Yorker writes about all things personal finance, including saving, investing, house hunting, and everything in between.
  21. Graceful Retirement – One woman chronicles the financial and personal journey toward retirement as she reduces debt and increases savings.
  22. Man Vs. Debt – One man’s adventure in climbing out of the hole as he sells his stuff, pays off debt, and eventually does what he loves.
  23. Finance Freelance Life – Submissions from professionals and several expert guest contributors reflecting on budgeting, managing credit and credit cards, and avoiding the pitfalls of debt.
  24. PT Money – A personal finance blog that asks the right questions to get to the bottom of all things debt and investment-related.
  25. How I Save Money – Just as it sounds – a guide chronicling how one blogger saves money and learns to properly manage credit and debt.
  26. The Frugal Duchess – The Frugal Duchess offers fun, fashionable and (of course) frugal ways to save money and live well with a sharp pen (or keyboard).
  27. Brip Blap – A pleasant self-help blog combining financial advice with holistic lifestyle tips.
  28. Fiscal Geek – A “micro” and “macro” approach to personal finance, from economic analysis to individual saving and budgeting.
  29. Fiscal Fizzle – Combing through the plights and delights of money management through the eyes of a new dad.
  30. Pro Bargain Hunter – News, tips, and resources for online bargain hunters diligently organized.
  31. The Sun’s Financial diary – A helpful resource for credit and banking information, with tons of coupons, including a daily deal section, scattered in between.
  32. The Bad Credit Whiz – A guide to finance (and life) for people with poor credit rating.
  33. Everything Finance Blog – An analytical approach to the daily speed bumps associated with credit, debt and money management.
  34. Five Cent Nickel – A clever blog devoted to helpful tips for every financial venture, from building credit through homeownership to insurance.
  35. Bargaineering – Entertaining site tackling all personal finance issues with articles and videos, from the simplest (like dealing with a lost wallet) to the most complex (like breaking down the housing bubble).
  36. Graduated Learning – A financial guide to life after college—the joys and dangers of becoming financially independent and planning for the future.
  37. Tight Fisted Miser – A light-hearted but no less helpful look at spending wisely and managing finances.
  38. Tough Money Love – One baby boomer’s logical, rational approach to debt that pulls no punches.
  39. The Finance Professor – Current-events focused finance news and academic articles surrounding personal money management and all things economic.
  40. Rabbit Funds – A clever road map for middle income Americans as they navigate through financial planning, presenting ideas for frugal living and smart monetary decisions.
  41. Unclutterer – As the name suggests, a blog about getting and staying organized that ventures into tips on finance, including a weekly compilation of off-beat and sharp money advice.
  42. Being Frugal – A neat blog for the conservative spender, with helpful tips for fun living on a small budget.
  43. Blogging Away Debt – One woman’s unique story as she attempts to free herself from debt.
  44. Budgets Are Sexy – A cover all bases blog revealing the more appealing sides of a tight budget.
  45. Own The Dollar – A call to arms against living under debt and bad credit, with helpful advice to pull yourself out of the hole.
  46. Fire Finance – A reflection of the journey to climbing out of debt, finding financial independence, and retiring early.
  47. Planting Dollars – Saving and spending advice for young people with keen attention to living frugal while still chasing your passions.
  48. Eliminate The Muda – One writer’s passage out of the debt spiral and into the world of wise money management decisions.
  49. Blunt Money – A personal finance blog tackling the toughest issues relating to debt, credit, and employment.
    debt spiral and into the world of wise money management decisions.
  50. The Debt Defier – A 20-something girl wonders aloud how she managed to escape the debt trap, with some helpful tips and saving ideas along the way.

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