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A Few Extra Dollars for Credit Repair

Posted on March 3, 2011

A guest post by Nathalia Aryani, writing for The Dollar Stretcher.

We all could use a little extra cash. With high unemployment rates, a new marketplace where people are buying and selling services for $5 flat per “gig” has been created. The days of high rates and tedious bids for simple projects are gone. Elance and ODesk certainly have their place and established freelancers.

Founded in February 2010, is the pioneer in this market. You may be an expert at something or willing to do certain things that others can’t or won’t. You may be looking for a service on the cheap. If you own a business, you may be looking to outsource a task or upsell a service.

You create a seller account, profile, and gig. When someone orders your gig, he or she will pay $5 when the project is completed. Fiverr takes a clean cut of $1 per payment received. Paypal charges a nominal service fee when you withdraw your money. Buyers can post positive feedback, which will boost your rating as a seller just like eBay.

Take a look at these offerings:

– Draw a cartoon
– Invite Facebook friends or tweet a message
– Sing a song
– Text to a cellphone
– Translate a foreign language
– Write an article
– Read a tarot card
– Carve a message on the sand
– Craft an ebook cover
– Create a Youtube video
– Design a logo
– Develop a slogan
– Do a voiceover
– Send a postcard
– Set up a blog

However, Fiverr has its own critics. There are professionals who oppose the concept of micro job sites and believe that their services are worth far more than $5.

The inception of Fiverr has brought on competitors. These other sites set the rates at $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, $50, and $100 to allow for more opportunities and flexibility. There are even those that use odd increments like $4, $9, and $19. And there are sites that have affiliate programs. They don’t have the volume of traffic, number of jobs posted, or brand name recognition that Fiverr has, but are gaining popularity.

Check out these 10 money-making (or saving) sites:

– Gigswood <>
– JustAFive <>
– Fittytown <>
– Uphype <>
– Zeerk <>
– Gigbucks <>
– Gighour <>
– Tenbux <>
– Tenyt <>
– Twentyville <>

Happy exploring!

Nathalia Aryani is a business manager, foreign language translator, lifestyle/travel writer and film columnist. For more on earning extra cash visit The Dollar

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