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New ‘Credit Repair Kit’ Provides Help for Military Families

Posted on October 21, 2011

For those who are pursuing a military career,  a poor credit score can be the downfall of a much anticipated promotion or the ability to obtain security clearances necessary for the job. While consumers in general need a good credit score to ensure they don’t pay extra for utility services, car insurance premiums, and loan interest rates, bad credit can seriously affect the lives of those in the military.

Pioneer Services has stepped in to help military families who are struggling under the burdens of bad credit and big debts. The company has created a kit with a downloadable PDF information sheet which provides the data a consumer needs to improve credit and reduce debts. The kits also contains podcasts and other interactive information to increase financial literacy among military families.

Military families are often hit hard by the burden of debt and bad credit due to low-end pay rates, frequent re-location, and basic consumer credit mistakes others often make. However, because of the risk to one’s career within the military, credit repair should be an even more prioritized subject. Relieving themselves of the burdens of debt and rebuilding a more solid credit future are two of the most important things a military family can do to survive, especially after leaving the Armed Forces.

Pioneer Services is the military banking division of MidCountry Bank. They have been working to provide financial services and education to members of the United State military for over 25 years. Pioneer Services have been working on many award-winning methods for helping military families achieve financial independence and eliminating the heavy burdens of debts. The bank has also been working to offer military loans and financial services and support for members of the Armed Forces.

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