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Posted on March 31, 2011

How many times have you dated someone only to have them back out once it started getting serious? Could you always pinpoint what it was that turned them off? Maybe you thought it was your appearance, but then how do you explain getting their number or initial dates? Perhaps it was your personality? But then you’d have to write off all those shared heart-felt laughs and moments of genuine connection that seemed to speak of something more. The answer to your question might be a little less obvious until you’ve actually considered its implications.

What I’m proposing isn’t that there’s something inherently wrong with you, but instead, something might be wrong with the financial decisions you’ve made, which set off red flags in the eyes of your object of desire. No matter where you are in your career, if someone genuinely is interested in you, they won’t care what you do for a living. But, if you’ve dug yourself into a financial hole with no clear plan to unearth yourself, you’re going to have subsequent love problems, guaranteed. Not many sensible people are interested in marrying someone and taking on their debts, especially in this financial climate.

You’ve heard about avoiding people who carry “emotional baggage,” but a new rising expression in our lexicon that’s on many daters’ minds is financial baggage.” It’s easily understood that someone who is careless with their financial life is more likely to be careless in other facets, as well. Romantic relationships should be about sharing love and living comfortably, and not about harboring contempt for your significant other’s poor budgeting and irresponsible spending habits.

According to Kristy Welsh, author of Good Credit Is Sexy,” studies have shown that people who numerous credit cards have a tendency to refrain from getting emotionally attached in their relationships and are even more likely to stray. The author’s research is accurate in that people with bad credit tend to be unreliable and all-around bad mates. Conversely, people that take charge of their finances and credit not only live happier and more fulfilling lives in not being slaves to debt, but are also more sexually appealing than those who aren’t. Regardless of if you’re considering it from a male or female perspective — it’s easy to deduce that having a child with someone who can’t take care of themself is in fact a gamble on your child’s future.

Although you can do little to change your appearance or your innermost self, there is much you can do to enhance your financial sex appeal. You can start with repairing your credit if it’s anywhere less than excellent with’s free with signup eBook, Do-It-Yourself Credit Repair.

Simply put, good credit is sexy… and when you’re sexy, you get a lot more action! So read our eBook and know that is here to continue to offer you valuable information in your financial recovery… and hopefully even get you more action in the bedroom.

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